Understanding the law, Legal requirements of control and the related acts and regulations

Course Format

One day approx 6 hours, indoor training

Course Aims:

  • understand the reasons for control
  • biology of the pest — breeding, feeding, behavioural patterns, and use this information as an aid to better control.
  • identify control methods — traps, gassing. Etc and select and use the appropriate system for the best results.
  • safely and effectively handle-gassing agents at all times in a manner laid down in the Product Safety Data Sheet.
  • be aware of COSHH implications when handling these products
  • practise the relevant skills

Course Content

  • Reasons for control
  • Biology. breeding, feeding etc
  • Methods of control — gassing, trapping etc
  • Safety, security and first aid
  • Practical demonstrations and class practise of control techniques.

The Course Programme:

  1. Introduction
  2. Legislation
  3. Personal Safety and Contamination, Prevention and First Aid
  4. Environment and Wildlife
  5. The Product Label
  6. The Pesticide Container, Storage and Transportation
  7. Application Equipment, Excess Pesticide and Container Disposal
  8. Record Keeping
  9. Product Use-Preparation
  10. Product Use- Target Species, Reasons for Control and Non Target Species
  11. Product Use-Application
  12. Product Use- Cleaning, Storage and Records