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Free Topex Adaptors available now for the new size Talunex flask –contact us.


Contains 57% w/w aluminium phosphide

An aluminium phosphide pellet, placed by means of the TOPEX APPLICATOR or other similar equipment

For the control of rabbits, rats and moles outdoors

Key Benefits

  • Excellent control of rabbits, rats and moles.
  • Fast gassing action giving more humane control.
  • Flexible dosing for species controlled enabling more cost effective treatment.
  • Talunex flask screws directly on to the TOPEX APPLICATOR to minimise operator exposure and therefore improve safety.

To be used only by an operator trained in the use of aluminium phosphide and familiar with the precautionary measures to be observed.

Please Note: As a result of regulatory risk assessment outcomes there has been an amendment to the use instructions for this rat, rabbit and mole control product. Burrows, runs and harbourages cannot be treated if they are less than 10 metres from any building occupied by man or animals. The previous conditions of use regarding distance referred to 3 metres. All conditions of use and safety precautions must be adhered to. Please read the updated Talunex label instructions here.

Topex Applicator

A complete kit for safer application of Certis Talunex Pellets

Includes applicator, mole tunnel probe and sealed carry case to protect the equipment from damage and to protect the operator from contamination during transport.

Key Benefits

  • Talunex flask screws directly onto applicator therefore no handling of pellets is necessary.
  • A unique trigger action enables the operator to accurately place the correct amount of pellets required in each position.
  • Tough carry case supplied.
  • Adaptor for the new size Talunex flasks details>>>