Talunex Poison use and associated regulation

Talunex Poison use and associated regulation


Course Aims:

  • understand the reasons for control
  • biology of the pest — breeding, feeding, behavioural patterns, and use this information as an aid to better control.
  • identify control methods — traps, gassing. Etc and select and use the appropriate system for the best results.
  • safely and effectively handle-gassing agents at all times in a manner laid down in the Product Safety Data Sheet.
  • be aware of COSHH implications when handling these products
  • practise the relevant skills

Product Description

Talunex training course content.

Understanding the law, Legal requirements of control and the related acts and regulations.

Rabbit Control

Reasons for attending:

  • Rabbits are once again the major agricultural pest.
  • DEFRA estimate the present UK population at 30 million and rising rapidly.
  • Myxomatosis is no longer a controlling factor. Understand it’s origin, Spread and the effect on population.
  • On average each rabbit causes 10.00 ACRES of crop damage a year, more in horticultural and other high-risk crops.
  • Rabbits eat 1lb of green matter a day i.e 1 square yard of winter cereal.
  • There is a statutory requirement for all occupiers of land , whatever its use, to control wild rabbits
  • Good rabbit control, carried out at the correct time and in the correct way, can be very cost effective

Mole Control

Reasons for attending:

  • On average a mole requires 200 metres of underground run to obtain sufficient earthworms to live; approx 20 are needed daily
  • Digging and maintaining these runs result in large numbers of molehills on the surface.

These hills:

  • damage and break expensive grass cutting and harvesting machinery
  • soil incorporated into silage greatly reduces palatability and food value.
  • increase the risk of soil bourne diseases in cattle
    [i.e listeria]
  • can increase weed growth, particularly of air bourne seed.
  • damage amenity areas such as golf courses, bowling greens, tennis courts etc

Course Format

One day approx 6 hours, split venue; indoor training area and outdoor rabbit/mole infested site for practical training.

Timing: At any time, but ideally between October and March

Instructor: Course Member Ratio Optimum 1:6 Maximum 1:8

Course Content

  • Reasons for control
  • Biology. breeding, feeding etc
  • Methods of control — gassing, trapping etc
  • Safety, security and first aid
  • Practical demonstrations and class practise of control techniques.

A discount of 10% per delegate is applied if you book 8 delegates.

Additional Information

Course Dates

Friday 11th August, 2017, Friday 25th August, 2017, Friday 8th September, 2017, Friday 22nd September, 2017, Friday 13th October, 2017, Friday 27th October, 2017, Friday 10th November, 2017, Friday 24th November, 2017, Friday 8th December, 2017, Friday 12th January, 2018, Friday 26th January, 2018, Friday 9th February, 2018, Friday 23rd February, 2018, Friday 9th March, 2018, Friday 23rd March, 2018, Friday 13th April, 2018, Friday 27th April, 2018, Friday 11th May, 2018, Friday 25th May, 2018, Friday 8th June, 2018, Friday 22nd June, 2018, Friday 13th July, 2018, Friday 27th July, 2018, Friday 10th August, 2018, Friday 24th August, 2018, Friday 14th September, 2018, Friday 28th September, 2018, Friday 12th October, 2018, Friday 26th October, 2018, Friday 9th November, 2018, Friday 23rd November, 2018, Friday 14th December, 2018, Friday 11th January, 2019, Friday 25th January, 2019, Friday 8th February, 2019, Friday 22nd February, 2019, Friday 8th March, 2019, Friday 22nd March, 2019, Friday 12th April, 2019, Friday 26th April, 2019, Friday 10th May, 2019, Friday 24th May, 2019, Friday 14th June, 2019, Friday 28th June, 2019, Friday 12th July, 2019, Friday 26th July, 2019, Friday 9th August, 2019, Friday 23rd August, 2019, Friday 13th September, 2019, Friday 27th September, 2019, Friday 11th October, 2019, Friday 25th October, 2019, Friday 8th November, 2019, Friday 22nd November, 2019, Friday 13th December, 2019, Friday 10th January, 2020, Friday 24th January, 2020, Friday 14th February, 2020, Friday 28th February, 2020, Friday 13th March, 2020, Friday 27th March, 2020, Friday 10th April, 2020, Friday 24th April, 2020