These mobile storage boxes have a rubber seal and are designed to make portable storage for Talunex safe and easy.

Each box comes complete with an easy to use carry handle, is made from heavy duty steel and has an air tight seal in case of accidental leakage. The box is strong, well made and built to last.

The box is both vapour proof and water proof. It has a watertight seal around inner lid and complies with Health and Safety regulations for the static and mobile storage of Talunex.

The box can be locked and the box secured inside a vehicle, for additional safety.

Each box can hold a hold 1 case of 12 Talunex tubes and comes complete with warning declarations already applied to the outside of box. This provides a clear warning visible on the outside of the box as to what is inside and the associated handling risks.

280mm long x 155mm wide x 175mm tall.