Preventing and Controlling Rats

Rats and other vermin can be a major issues for a range of businesses in a variety of industries. Rats being present on a farm or in a business where food is prepared is not a welcome situation, and as such it is important to know how to control rats and other vermin so that in terms of health and safety, and keeping your customers and staff away from risk you are prepared for any situation.

At Talunex we pride ourselves on being experts when it comes to preventing and controlling rats and other vermin. We have expert knowledge of utilising aluminium phosphide in order to deal with pests, should preventative measures not work.

Here we list a number of tips for Preventing and Controlling Rats and Vermin:rat

  • Store food, whether it is for human or animal consumption in a glass, or metal container with a tight fitting lid – if rats and other pests can’t get at it then they will not stick around.
  • Whether it is your home or business ensure that things are tidy and clean – do not give vermin the opportunity to build nests and have hiding places
  • Dispose of waste correctly – where possible make sure that bins cannot be accessed by vermin – this is especially important when you are disposing of food and as such if you work in a catering environment you need to make sure that your bin areas are properly covered.
  • If you have pets or livestock, ensure that you clean up after feeding times – this is a trusted method of not leaving yourself open to luring rats in

How To Control Rats

Unfortunately, it is sometimes a case that all the good preparation you put in doesn’t stop rats from viewing the premises of your home or business as a place where they can find a source of food and warmth and possibly even to breed.

Should this be the situation, then a high quality aluminium phosphide rat poison is one way to ensure that they are deterred from staying in one place too long. At Talunex we believe that we have the right mix of knowledge and expertise to train you how to effectively use our products.

Talunex is an effective means of eliminating a range of vermin such as rats, moles and rabbits – its aluminium phosphide formula is the ideal way to handle pests and vermin in outdoor areas. However due to legislation since 26th November 2015 it becomes a requirement of the Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012 to hold an approved certificate of training before using products such as Talunex or Phostoxin.talunexpoison

Talunex is fast acting making it humane in terms of a method of vermin control as the creature suffers less than other methods of pest control. Alongside this, the ability to have flexible dosages means that the cost effectiveness is a huge bonus of Talunex.

For more information about the benefits of Talunex as an effective way to control rats and vermin, then get in touch today. We can provide all the training and advice that you require in order to ensure that you are prepared to handle any rodent problem.