Are you familiar with the law regarding the sale and use of aluminium phosphide products?

After the 26th November 2015 it becomes a requirement of the Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012 to hold an approved certificate of training before using products such as Talunex or Phostoxin.

You may wonder why?

You may ask “Isn’t the product being used safely?”

Or you may say “I’ve been using it for years, why now?”

The reality is that this is a toxic gassing compound which, although it has been a registered product under COPR for many years, it is only now having its use finally addressed by this new legislation.

Even if you have had previous training with metallic phosphides, only the new Level 2 Award will be recognised after this date.

This means you cannot buy Talunex or Phostoxin unless you have a City and Guilds or RSPH qualification.

For this reason most distributors will ask to see evidence of training to support the drive for better stewardship. Many, in fact, are already doing so.

Many of you that may call for supply, from afar, will be unknown to us and we cannot supply to you unless you can prove you are trained.

With the large number of experienced and responsible users in the UK already using Talunex and Phostoxin, it has been a challenge to design and approve a syllabus that will provide the certification courses and examinations that users will need to take.

However all this is now in place – call us and we will help advise you on the changes.

Both City & Guilds and RSPH are now assessing candidates and the numbers are steadily growing. However demand will inevitably exceed supply as the deadline approaches.

Acting soon is your best chance of obtaining the qualification in time so that distributors can continue to supply you irrespective of how well known you are or how long you have been using the product.

Don’t delay!

Please Note: As a result of regulatory risk assessment outcomes there has been an amendment to the use instructions for this rat, rabbit and mole control product. Burrows, runs and harbourages cannot be treated if they are less than 10 metres from any building occupied by man or animals. The previous conditions of use regarding distance referred to 3 metres. All conditions of use and safety precautions must be adhered to. Please read the updated Talunex label instructions here.